Technology is just a tool

“The next frontier is integrating technology as just an everyday tool” meant to serve human needs rather than conceiving of technology as an end in itself. "The technologies that are changing us these days don’t come from big engineering labs, they don’t come from technologists. The cool stuff is coming from humanists. Technology is just a tool.” – Yves Béhar

What We're Reading: Wearable tech to double by 2021

"The struggle to move beyond health and fitness persists and convincing consumers to spend more for utility that may not be immediately obvious will be a challenge. This is where fashion-forward brands have a chance to shine as their customer base doesn't tend to prioritize features."

Products that offer value beyond simply health, fitness, productivity, and alerts are uniquely positioned to cut through this fatigue. Emotion and the very human need for connection have been overlooked by the existing wearable market, but are compelling drivers of purchase and continued use for feature-weary consumers. Read more here.

Smart wearables: Don't call it a comeback

A recent IDC report showed that interest in smart wearbles, devices that can run 3rd party apps, is on the rise while taste for basic wearables (for example, a Fitbit Flex) is declining. Here at Purple, we were surprised to hear consumers were opting for smart devices, as we feel smartwatches and other smart wearables simply cram more features and function into the same, tired form factors.

However, the data shows that customers are looking for “device[s] that can tell them how to improve their lives.” This we can relate to. At the core of heart-led innovation is the idea that technology should integrate into and enhance consumers lives to be truly effective and earn a long-term place in their every day routines.

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